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Applied Marketing Strategies (“AMS”) is a Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Strategic Business Development consulting firm.

AMS’s management are senior hands on business executives who provide strategic guidance and counsel to industry leaders, brands, start-ups, political candidates, elected officials and sports teams with an emphasis on execution of marketing campaigns and revenue generating initiatives. Our services range from sales and marketing strategy formulation, executive coaching and training of staff to support the actual implementation of campaigns, as well as business and corporate development initiatives.

We manage digital marketing and social media campaigns. AMS has proprietary consumer data for strategic message delivery the core of a successful marketing initiative. AMS is working with national and international companies and for some of the leading brands, sports teams, and political candidates. Our corporate finance group is also adept and assisting start-ups with strategic planning and the technical business support needed by young rapidly growing companies.  Our team is comprised of high level business executives, implementation experts, programmers, data base experts and web developers.

Our combined network manages social media pages with over 50 million fans, 97 million Facebook profiles, digital properties with more than 35 million unique monthly users and multi-million dollar eCommerce platforms.

Contact us:

Phone: 818-909-7772

Email: elias@appliedmarketingstrategies.com


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Social Media Marketing

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Digital Marketing

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Web Development

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Email Marketing

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